We’re now on the eighth day of our Maritime vacation. This is the longest break from the barbell I’ve had in the past seven months. I’m a creature of habit, and I thrive off momentum. Vacations sometimes worry me because they can provide a sufficient interruption of routine. Although I welcome the break from heavy squats and deadlifts, I want to ensure when I return home I quickly revert back to my regular protocol.

This is why it’s so important for me to keep up a disciplined routine on the trip. Not because two weeks without exercise starts to get a little generous from a recovery standpoint, but primarily to ensure my habit ‘muscle’ doesn’t atrophy.

On that note, I’ll share this quick workout I’ll be undertaking today. Nothing complicated or intense. Just a little push, pull, and hinge. My wife and I have been doing tremendous amounts of walking (especially over hilly terrain), so I’m less concerned with adding any leg-dominant exercises. If we weren’t walking hills so much, perhaps I’d toss in some goblet squats, too.

Today’s workout, repeating the following for five rounds:

– 5 Pull-Ups
– 20 Push-Ups
– 20 Kettlebell Swings

I forgot to mention I brought our 35 lb kettlebell from home. It’s versatile and perfect for a road trip. Unfortunately a bit lighter than I’d like for swings, but the focus for these two weeks is lower weights with higher repetitions, so it’ll more than suffice for my purpose.

But there’s no pull-up bar!

One issue while training away on the road can be finding a spot to perform pull-ups. Although far from ideal, there’s a spot I can hang underneath the cottage rental’s back deck. Performing the pulls from this spot is a bit more difficult on my grip, but that just means it’s an opportunity for my body to try to adapt to a changing environment. I’ll aim to post a picture of where I’m completing them. In fact, I may try and regularly post pictures of ‘unconventional pull-up spots’ when I come across them.

No excuses and all that good stuff.

Update. Later that morning…