Hot off the grill. Simple and satisfying BBQ chicken wings.

Some dishes make their way into our life more frequently than others. For me, this is one such dish. I think pound for pound, this might be one of my favourite meals based on how high it scores on the following:

  • Cost: for quality animal protein, chicken wings offer great value.
  • Time: they can be cooked reasonably quickly.
  • Difficulty: they are dead simple to prepare.
  • Health: animal fats and loads of protein make this a great choice.
  • Taste: they’re delicious. “But they have bones in them!”. Get over it.

This is so easy, I can barely call it a recipe. In reality, this post is just a reminder of how awesome chicken wings are. And no, not the the dumb, sauce-drenched, ranch-dipped, second cousins of real chicken wings. Those are just bastardized versions of what could have been scrumptious and healthy wings. No, I’m talking about simple, crispy, dry spiced, delightful drumsticks.


  • Split chicken wings
  • Lemon
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Lay wings, skin side down, on low-medium heat BBQ.
  2. Cook wings thoroughly, turning every few minutes. Roughly 20 minutes on the grill should be enough for most folks. I happen to like my wings cooked really well, with the fat rendered sufficiently, so I’ll keep them on for up to 30 minutes.
  3. Take the wings off the grill, spread them out on a plate or chopping board, squeeze half a lemon over them, and finish with a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper.
  4. Serve with lemon wedges (optional).

Like I said, these are quick and easy. I wasn’t lying.

Of course you can take these wings to the next level if desired. Sometimes I like to add a little heat by smothering the wings with some finely chopped peppers from our garden. You could even add some fresh herbs , or branch out and include some interesting spices (i.e. cayenne, paprika, onion powder, whatever). Avoid sauces, and stick with dry ingredients if you want to limit your sugar intake.

Don’t overthink these. Just grab a pack of split wings next time you’re at the store. When you’re ready, take ’em out of the fridge and toss them on the warmed up grill. Season afterwards. No need to prepare in advance. Tweak the flavouring however you want, but aim to keep it simple if you want these to become a staple in your diet. And trust me, you do.

It’s now day two sans-vacation. My first full day back to reality. My wife is at soccer (or is it hockey?) tonight, so I’m on my own. I knew if I didn’t take this opportunity to jump right back into the routine that existed before our vacation, I would run the risk of falling off completely.

That’s where my go-to evening checklist comes in. It’s simple, effective, and enjoyable.

  • Strength Train: Usually takes me between 25 and 45 minutes. This evening, for example, was on the lower end, with just a 25 minute squat session. I load up my favourite tracks (typically some hip hop), and get to work.
  • Sauna: The hip hop is turned off, and I toss on a podcast (Mind Pump being one of my go-to podcasts currently). I aim to enjoy endure around 15 minutes in the hot box.
  • Swim: Nothing is more refreshing than the relief of a cold pool after a serious sweat. I’m not interested in doing any laps (though probably a good idea). No, I’m just looking to lounge for a few minutes and cool down.
  • Steak: Or in my case this evening, just some giant grilled ground beef patties from Costco, covered generously with Montreal Steak Spice and Pink Himalayan Salt (appropriate after all that sweating). The meal is dead simple. And yes, that’s all I’m eating for dinner this evening. If my wife was joining, perhaps we’d have a spinach salad included as well. Again, it would be simple. Typically dressed with olive oil, lemon, and salt.

There you have it. My go-to evening routine. It checks all the right boxes for me from a fitness and nutrition perspective. And as previously mentioned, it’s easy – so I’m more likely to do it. It’s enjoyable. I get to listen to good hip hop, great podcasts, get stronger, eat delicious salty meat, and feel refreshed. And importantly, it’s effective. Not many exercise send as a strong a signal to your body to adapt than a few heavy sets of barbell squats or deadlifts. And if you believe recent studies, regular sauna may be linked to significant reductions in all cause mortality rates. Plus it feels good…. At least afterwards.

An easy, repeatable routine like the one above has proven indispensable in my arsenal of tools to improve my health. I’m curious to learn if others have had success with something similar.

Costco “meat discs” starting to cook…