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Quick & Dirty

Sometimes I don’t have time to train. Often I don’t want to train. When that happens, I’ll typically turn to a quick, minimalist routine. Nothing crazy, just enough to get a signal to my body. A minimum effective dose. You’ll often find me breaking up the sets while working, cleaning, or cooking. The following are […]

Strength & Aesthetics > Sweat & Pain

You’ve probably heard this before, but it warrants repeating: you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym to make progress. Sadly, for normies, an effective session in the gym is gauged by: Quantity of sweat produced. Amount of soreness obtained. To be honest, sometimes it might be wise to strive for a sweaty and […]

Whoa, that’s a lot of Eggs!

I’m known for posting some pretty edgy material on The Gram. Eight eggs? F**k it. The people can handle the truth. I can’t stand idly by, enjoying my yolks guilt-free, while the rest of you suffer with your cauliflower (insert replacement food here). No, it’s unconscionable. But I should explain myself further, instead of just […]

Lift heavy. 💪 Eat heavy. 🍴

Cardio can crush a gazillion calories in a single session, but building muscle through resistance training can be a much more enjoyable route. Muscle is metabolically active. It requires energy at all times. What does that mean in practice? More lean muscle on your frame equates to a greater proportion of consumed calories being directed […]

“An object in motion tends to remain in motion…”

I really enjoying training, and feed off the momentum of a disciplined regiment, but sometimes I do it too much. Usually excessive intensity without sufficient recovery. Here’s some strategies and tactics I use to to accommodate this addiction.. Shorter workouts, with a limited focus. I enjoy full body training, and still prioritize compound movements (multi-joint […]

Getting Jacked in my Thirties

Lessons from the First Half Originally posted on Medium on September 3, 2020. My Trajectory When I was a teenager I was relatively slim. I took up Karate when I was around twelve years old, unable to perform a single push-up. Thrice weekly Karate classes soon changed that. A few years later, I could easily […]

Random Plates of Food – A Recipe

One of my favourite, go-to meals is a sort of charcuterie-style plate of goodness. It’s not technically charcuterie, but it’s close enough. **Editor’s Note: immediately upon writing this sentence I Googled “charcuterie”, and to my shock, discovered charcuterie is in fact quite different from what I’ll be detailing here, and does not in fact, traditionally […]

Volume Meets Intensity

Tomorrow my friend James and I have an opportunity to put in a longer than usual lift. We get together at least twice a week to pull iron, usually Tuesday and Thursday, and very often Saturday as well. Tomorrow happens to be Tuesday. Tuesday sessions are always followed up with a protein-heavy BBQ (so are […]

Instant Pot Shredded Beef

Here’s an easy dinner I threw together this evening with a beef tenderloin and an Instant Pot. It was the ‘chain’ section off a larger tenderloin I previously cut into filets (just like this). Feel free to sub a different type of meat in place of beef. I enjoyed the shredded beef over a bed […]

The Non-Workout Workout

I’ve written about this before, but I need to mention it again. This entry overlaps with my post on ten minute workouts, but this covers a more specific application. I’m going to call it the ‘Non-Workout, Workout‘. At least until I think of a better name. Essentially, it’s just reframing training. You’re still putting in […]

Heavy Lifts Playlist

This is my go-to mix at the moment. It replaces a lifting playlist I shared previously that was created under my wife’s Spotify account. Figured I should create something under my own name. Some overlap with the original, but with a little more rock in this latest iteration. It’s not terribly long. Just over an […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

Whenever I can, I obtain my protein through real, unprocessed food sources (usually beef or chicken). Occasionally, however, I’ll supplement with a protein shake. And nine times out ten (probably more), I’ll choose to make this delicious milkshake-like impostor. This isn’t a light shake. It’s not a great option if calories are a concern. But […]


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