Learning to Write

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

One of the drivers motivating me to start this blog was my desire to improve my writing. Somewhere to post frequent writing on a topic that interests me, in this case fitness. At this point, Salt & Iron has viewership hovering close to zero, and that’s okay. Of course I want people to read these posts, engage with me, and hopefully take something of value away. But if that doesn’t happen, this project won’t have been in vain. Ultimately, I’ll still have gained the experience from crafting these posts.

I initially considered starting this project as a private google document. Something closer to a journal. In fact I wrote one entry before switching gears and deciding to post my writing publicly, though I honestly haven’t shared this blog with any friends or family yet, save my wife. So in a sense, the blog still feels somewhat private.

Like so many other domains, writing can be improved through consistent practice. Writing these posts gives me this practice, and the fact that a few folks might read them, motivates me to write them better (or so my theory goes). So, as often as I’m motivated to, I’ll post to this blog. Ideally that would be a few times a week, though preferably more.

Now back to fitness, or whatever.

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