Filets for Days

Yesterday while grocery shopping, we noticed large beef tenderloin cuts were on sale again (roughly 40% off regular price). In the past we’ve generally avoided these massive, intimidating cuts of beef that can approach $100. This time around, however, we decided to finally give in and purchase this more economical cut (at least when compared to buying individual filet mignons, for example).

Giant cut of beef purchased. Now what?

After a quick YouTube video tutorial, I went to work trimming the fat from the cut, and proceeded to portion out the beef into a couple of small tenderloins, the chain (the side of the tenderloin removed in the trimming process, suitable for stewing), and most importantly, 14 fillet mignons.

Trimming the fat and silverskin from the beef tenderloin.
The resulting small tenderloins and chain.

The entire 3 kg (6.6 lb) cut cost just under $73 CAD before tax (about $55 USD)

Four filets will be kept refrigerated, to be grilled later this evening. Everything else was wrapped in parchment paper, sealed in Ziploc bags, and stored in our freezer. The entire process took me roughly thirty minutes, but I could likely shorten that time as I get more practice.

The pièce de résistance. Glorious filet mignon.

All-in-all, a relatively straightforward process that yielded a delicious looking bounty of meat. I’ll certainly try this again the future when I see a similar deal. For now, time to enjoy the fruits meats of my labour.


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